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​​​​​​Concealed Weapon Courses

If it says *FULL* then all 50 seats are registered. You can email for "standby"​​

KY-OH Sat, Nov 11th - 21 seats available

​KY-OH Tues, Nov 14th - 19 seats available

​KY-OH Sun, Dec 17th - *FULL*

​KY-OH Sat, Dec 16th *FULL*

​KY-OH Wed, Dec 27th - 4 seats available

KY-OH Sat, Jan 6th - 8 seats available

KY-OH Sat, Jan 13th - 9 seats available

​KY-OH Sat, Jan 28th - 13 seats available

​KY-OH Sun, Feb 10th - 23 seats available

​KY-OH Tues, Feb 19th - 18 seats available

​KY-OH Sun, Feb 25th - 23 seats available 

(seats=seats still available for class)

*Schedules are posted on the 20th for the following month*

We combine the KY and OH course. All of our classes are held in Florence unless otherwise noted. 

Handgun Tactics Level I
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Sun, Sep 17th - 7 seats available

​Thurs, Aug 17th - 2 seats available 

Instructors course

Fri & Sat, APR 14 & 15th FULL  

Sat & Sun, Sep 30th & Oct 1st - 3 openings 

Veteran Owned & Operated