Veteran Owned & Operated

The Cincinnati Areas Premier firearms Instructional Organization...

Veteran Owned & Operated

  • (1 Deployment to date)
  • Small Arms Instructor
  • CLS Certified
  • KY CCDW Instructor
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Private Security Background
  • 5 Years USAF (1 Deployment)
  •  ( 1 Deployment to date)
  • 7 Years Firefighter / EMT
  • 14 Years CPR-First Aid Instructor
  • CLS Certified
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Small arms Instructor
  • CQB Qualified Instructor
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • KY CCDW Instructor
  • Tactical Rifle Instructor

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Cody Ashcraft


Jason Brooks

Owner /Instructor

Our courses include the OH, KY & FL Concealed weapon permits. We put a personal touch on these permit courses. They not only cover the laws and statutes, they instill basic shooting fundamentals, safety, situational awareness and much more. Then you can follow up with one of our handgun courses. Handgun tactics I is designed to give you a solid working knowledge of your firearm and the comfort to use it. We cover clearing a malfunction also how to work under stress. Handgun Tactics II employs some more advanced lessons. Shooting on the move, Close Quarters Battle techniques, and opposite hand firing are a few fundamentals taught.  

We also offer CPR, (Infant and Adult) AED, and First Aid training. These are certificate based classes taught under ASHI (American Health Safety Institute) through KS training of NKY. They are great for anyone wanting to learn CPR or for workplace requirements.

For the adventurous type we offer Survival and map reading classes available. Survival 101 is our basic class. It is for beginners and covers a few key survival skill sets we believe everyone should possess. (If you watch survivor then you will love this class) The Map Reading course falls in line with the Survival class. Learn how to make sense of all those lines & colors on a topographic or military style map. Plot a course and learn how to navigate the land using a compass and terrain association.

  We use several classrooms throughout Greater Cincinnati for instruction. Some find us in a nice climate controlled environment while others allow us to get out and beat the ground while tasting the fresh air.  Depending on your needs and class size we may even come to you. Corporate or large scale events sometimes require that we do on site training.

  Don’t let life own you. Grab ahold and get the edge you need to survive. Being a victim is hopefully not in your vocabulary and, it is certainly not in ours. Let our friendly, outgoing instructors help you achieve greatness and peace of mind.

You are sure to enjoy all we have to offer at The Protect Institution!


We offer a broad range of instructional services, all designed to help you and your family reach its full potential. Whether you're looking for your concealed carry permit or CPR certification, we have you covered.

I took the Kentucky CCDW class yesterday and I will tell you that when you leave you are well versed in the statutes and prepared to safely carry and shoot a gun. If you were thinking about this before, contact them for the schedule and ladies you can feel confident in their teaching you!

        -- P. Brooks

"I love that The Protect Institution instructors took the time to learn about me before presenting an insightful strategic plan that was designed around our home defense needs. Thanks, All!"

          -- M. Jones

"When our daughter nearly drowned, we didn't know how to help her. Fortunately, we'd heard about The Protect Institution from our friend who had taken their CPR class, and placed us in their capable hands." Now we are more confident in our ability to help others in these types of situations.

          -- T. Yothers 

we believe in a PROFESSIONAL and informative hands-on experience for each and every STUDent.

Each student is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you reach your full potential. We deliver custom courses, tailored to you--your industry, your learning type, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

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